Privacy Policy

Data Controller 

The Data Controller is Tech4Care srl, located in Via G. Marconi 31, Falconara Marittima (AN). Personal data requested by the app will be stored by the Data Controller as described in the privacy policy. 


Cookies and their purpose 

A cookie is a text file sent by the visited website to the user’s terminal where it’s stored. The cookie is then retransmitted to the site every subsequent visit. 

Cookies are differentiated: 

  • Based on the subject that installs them in the user’s terminal, which can be the owner of the site visited (First party cookies) or a different site using the visited one (Third party cookies); 
  • Based on the purpose of the cookies: some cookies allow the website to save the user’s preferences, to allow purchases or authentication (Technical cookies). Other cookies serve the purpose of monitoring the user’s navigation and recommend commercial ads or offer services in line with the user’s choices (Profiling cookies). 

Only profiling cookies require prior consent by the user. On the website technical cookies are installed first party cookies and third party profiling cookies. 


Technical cookies 

Technical cookies are only used to allow communication on an electronic network, or to provide a service required by the user to the provider.  

Technical cookies are divided in: 

  • Navigation cookies, which allow the user to navigate and use the website normally. 
  • Cookie analytics (eg Google Analytics), used by the owner of the site to collect data about the total number of users and the way they use the website. 
  • Functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate using a series of different chosen criteria (eg, language, selected product during a purchase). 

Google Analytics is specifically used on this website to collect the visitors’ IP address and their geographical position This method is known as IP geolocation. Google Analytics does not provide data about the real IP address of the visitors. Using a method known as IP masking, Google Analytics provides only a fraction of the IP address for the purpose of geolocation, instead of its entirety. 

Google Analytics can be turned off by downloading the browser add on from this address: The addon transmits to the JavaScript of Google Analytics the order to not provide data about the site navigation to Google Analytics. The addon does not prevent the data transmission to the website. The user’s consent is not required for technical cookies. 


Profiling cookies 

Profiling cookies are used to create a profile for the user and are used to send commercial ads in line with the user’s preferences, manifested during the navigation on the website. 

This website uses third party profiling cookies, while no first party profiling cookie is used by the Data Controller. 

These cookies are used for a commercial purpose, to provide custom content, and to track and optimize the website performance. 


Cookie di profilazione 

I cookie di profilazione sono volti a creare profili relativi all’utente e vengono utilizzati al fine di inviare messaggi pubblicitari in linea con le preferenze manifestate dallo stesso nell’ambito della navigazione in rete. 

Nel presente sito sono utilizzati cookie di profilazione gestiti da terze parti (non sono invece presenti cookie di profilazione propri del Titolare). 

Tali cookie – di seguito elencati per quali è necessario il consenso dell’utente – sono utilizzati per servizi di tipo pubblicitario, targetizzazione con finalità pubblicitaria, personalizzazione dei contenuti presenti, tracciamento e ottimizzazione delle performance. 


How to give consent to profiling cookies 

During the first access to the website, the user will be able to accept every cookie by performing one of the following actions: clicking on the X or OK in the dedicate banner, or in any element of the page, or by scrolling the page; additionally, the user is free to not perform any of the indicated actions, to not access the banner, to read the complete privacy policy from there, and to negate his consent to cookies by clicking on the dedicated link. 

During later visits, the user (provided that he originally gave consent to cookies) will be able to access the complete policy by clicking on the “privacy policy” button, visible in every page of the website. He will also be able to negate his consent to cookies with the actions already listed. In any case, he can negate the consent to cookies using the browser settings. 


EU Regulation 2016/679, art. 13 

Regarding the data collection provided by the cookies installed on the website, the Data Collector states as follows: 

  • The data collection is performed only with the purpose and for the duration stated in the privacy policy. 

Explicit consent is not required for technical cookies, since hey are necessary to navigate the site and to grant its stable performance. If technical cookies are removed using the browser settings, the navigation on the website might be partially or totally impossible. 

  • Data collected by first party cookies might be transmitted to entities that act as Responsible for personal data by the Collector. With regards to these data, the user can the rights stated in EU Regulation 2016/679, and as indicated in the privacy policy of the website. 

Regarding third party cookies, their purpose, logics and management are not determined by the Data Controller, but by the third party responsible of these cookies. 


Cookies settings 

As a default setting, many browsers allow the use of cookies, but they also provide the means to manager these cookies, and the means to reject or cancel them. 

For further informations about managing cookies check the “Settings” (or similar) section of the browser. 

The browser can be set to prompt an alert before accepting the cookies or to completely reject every cookie by default 


Per impostazione predefinita, molti browser consentono automaticamente l’utilizzo dei cookie, ma offrono anche la possibilità di controllare la maggior parte dei cookie, inclusa la possibilità di accettarli o meno e la procedura per eliminarli. 

Per ulteriori informazioni sul controllo dei cookie, consultare la sezione “Strumenti” (o simile) del browser. 

Puoi impostare il browser per ricevere un avviso prima di accettare un cookie, avendo la possibilità di decidere se riceverlo o meno. Puoi anche disattivare completamente i cookie. 


How to disable cookies? 

Most of the browsers allow cookies management. Cookies memorized on your device hard drive can be deleted or disabled by following these links: 



This policy is not intended for minors. We fully understand the importance of protecting a minor’s personal data, especially in an online environment, and as such we do not consciously collect or manage personal data from this kind of users.