Characteristics and added value 

PAI smart e digitale

For the doctors

  • A complete medical record to manage the patients’ data

  • A protected teleconsultation platform

  • Customized rehabilitation schedules and exercises based on each patient’s specifics

  • Real time monitoring of statistics and progress

  • Private message system

ReLab offers to the doctor a complete platform to manage his patients. It is possible to assign single exercises or entire schedules, and to adjust in detail their length and difficulty level. Quick access to the users’ data and the private message system allow to adjust activities and communicate with the patient without needing to use other apps or physically being in the same place. Summarized: a revolutionary approach to telerehabilitation. 

For the patients

  • All-in-one wireless device. No PC, smartphones or other devices needed

  • Engaging exercises thanks to the gamification approach

  • “No hands” use

  • Maximum comfort and wearability, even for those wearing glasses

ReLab is an intuitive and comfortable system, requiring no cables, computers or other connected devices. The helmet can be used in any environment, clinic or domestic, by patients with any degree of disability or wearing glasses. The advanced detection for the upper limbs allows the user to move his hands freely. 

Cartella clinica elettronica


  • Based on studies and scientific evidence

  • Mirror therapy to stimulate mirror neurons

  • “Gamificated” activities and VR immersion to guarantee engagement and respect of the schedule

ReLab is based on several studies pointing out the positive effect of VR when paired with rehabilitation activities. The new approach is based on the idea of “gamification”, allowing the patients to perform their exercises and have fun, minimizing drop-outs and burn-outs, while pushing them to constantly improve themselves. Lastly, the Mirror Therapy feature stimulates mirror neurons and allows to play with any limb, without leaving anyone behind. 

Comfortably from home

  • Cut travel time

  • Remote and at home technical assistance

  • Ongoing updates and support

Gestione personale e turni

The system is constantly updated with the addition of new games and features. 

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